ING Nationalen-Nederlanden rozšírila doterajšiu ponuku úrazových pripoistení

ING Nationalen-Nederlanden rozšírila doterajšiu ponuku úrazových pripoistení

Accident riders are just one type among many products offered within the tangle of services from different life insurance companies. At present, most clients seek comprehensive accident rides that provide a great degree of coverage flexibility. The demands of customers are reflected in the variety of insurance products available in the insurance market today. In response to this demand, ING Nationale-Nederlanden has reconsidered its existing range of accident riders and decided to extend this coverage in order to increase the variety of services we offer and better meet our client’s needs.

The purpose of accident riders is to provide necessary financial assistance to cover costs relating to an incurred injury. An injury and its consequences can result in a change to a client’s lifestyle, while the need to purchase necessary medication for rehabilitation (which means a heavy financial burden), is only made more difficult when a client loses or must change jobs.

In the past, accident riders offered by ING Nationale-Nederlanden has included the Accidental Death Rider and Permanent Consequences of Accident Rider. We now have extended our range of accident riders with the Supplementary Accident Rider, along with the Post-Accident Hospitalisation Rider. With the Supplementary Accident Rider we offer our clients coverage in cases of complex injuries that could have a considerable impact on his or her life. At the same time, this rider provides equally good coverage in cases of common injuries and less-serious consequences. Typical examples can be seen in various bone fractures of greater or lesser degrees of severity. What is important for the client is that the insurance benefits are fully specified in the insurance policy. The existing insurance coverage of the Permanent Consequences of Accident Rider can be extended by the coverage provided by the Supplementary Accident Rider. Policyholders covered with Post-Accident Hospitalisation Insurance are compensated daily depending on the number of days they spend in hospital.

What gives the accident insurance its flexibility is the Permanent Consequences Rider, which can be extended by both the Supplementary Accident Rider and Post-Accident Hospitalisation Rider. These alternative insurance programs provide a variety of accident coverage options that extend the principal insurance coverage. The sooner a client decides for additional accident coverage, the longer the amount of time he or she will be protected.

What do our clients gain with the collection of accident insurance coverage products?

- Strictly defined insurance conditions, including an exact list of insurance coverage at the time the policy is written

- Certainty – every client knows, in detail, the extent of his/her insurance coverage and the relevant insurance conditions

- Comprehensive accident related services

- Adaptability of products